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More Reviews...
IN MUSIC WE TRUST Webzine CD Review TriAna The Color of Sound (Trilab Recordings) By: Alex Steininger TriAna is an industrial/Ambient band composed of Daniel Triana at the core, and supporting help provided by a few studio vocalists.

The CD starts off with "Inside This Zoo." A synthesizer starts us off as it crawls it's way through, and then the drum machine beats into its path. Vocals eventually enter and the drums get faster and furious. Technology can be a beautiful thing, and it can also be a scary thing. In this song technology becomes beautiful in a way, but also in a way to send chills down our spine. It rips through the song with intense panic, while also adding some bright moments to it.

"You Deny Me" starts off with a fairly happy melody, but then the vocals come in and turn everything upside down. It becomes very frightening and dark, but also lends a hand in the way of depression. The synthesizer is used throughout as a major factor in the music. Everything revolves around it, and the drum machine adds an extra touch of power and depth to the track.

"Angel" takes you down a dark alley with broken windows everywhere, and steam rising off the floor after a heavy rain. Garbage lines the streets, and your nerves jump. You feel very uncomfortable and scared. This dark voice comes in, and now you are drawn into the music. Everything plays off the vocals, and draws you in even closer.

"Unknown Pleasures 02" is just a quick forty six second rush of synths that make you think, but also give you the chance to rest for upcoming tracks. Their are four unknown pleasures throughout the album, and the CD closes off with number four. A quick minute and four seconds worth of heart pounding music to close out a very energetic, lively, and dark CD.

Industrial is garnishing its limelight now in the media. And with all the attention it's getting, Daniel Triana, and his project TriAna, should be receiving some attention. This is one of the better industrial/ambient albums I have heard in awhile. And if I think it's good, your going to go crazy over it! I'll give this album a B-. Don't waste another minute, if your into this kind of music, and give this CD a listen. ###

CD Reviews 1995-2002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel TriAna - Musica Electronica With much more than the usual electronic musical meanderings of most future wanna be's Daniel Triana's latest managed to delight all of the staff this Tuesday. "I want more!" says one, "what am I listening to?" says another and "sign here" says the FedEx gal. All in all a fab groove that deserves a much much wider audience than the seven of us, and you pop picking industry types may want to listen out for track number three, Fly if you get it together to grab a copy of this release from the address below. TriLab Recordings Email: Rating - 890,844 (out of a possible 1,000,000)


*Lyrics for: "IN THE MIDDLE" by Daniel Triana 1999/2007 From The CD "Untitled 2.0"

In the middle of the sea,
waves crash around me.
I'm lost, I'm lost.
Come and find me.
I'm looking for you.
Come and find me.
I'm waiting for you.
Come and find me.
The sun goes down,
the wind pulls my sails - gentle sounds.

It's like a cold hand
has been placed on me.
And it's pointing to where
I should be.
But I'm still trying to decide - make up my own mind!

But the cold is called "Reality".

The cold and the wet don't matter because,
everything is fine.
The scenes in this place
belong in another - place and time.

LYRICS: "Born With Wings" by Daniel Triana 1995/1999 from the CD: TriCD06 Daniel Triana: "Moody"

Don't fly away,
I want you to stay
As I look up at the sky
I see angles... Flying around

As I look up at the sky
I wonder why...
They don't come down

It seems like you were born with wings

As I look out toward the sea
I feel the devil...
dragging me down Down, down, down

I hurt inside, I hurt inside,
Inside, inside

It seems like you were born with wings

Born with wings
answer me this,
What are the chances in my life...
To learn to fly?

"You Deny Me" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

You deny me
of the life I've always deserved
you deny me
of the times I needed to hurt

but I need you
like a fish needs water
but I need you
like a bird needs to fly
but I need you
like I need my mind
but I need you
like I need a waste of time

you deny me
all the life i need to live
you deny me
the feelings I need inside

"Flows and Glides" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Sharp bright lights
bleed into red
shadows cast and form
on your bed

your wings flutter
and the wind blows in my hair
as the sky opens wide
my love flows and glides

"Angel" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

no wonder
You're out of my life
You're an angel
It's no wonder

I was blind
I ran out of time ...
but when I close my eyes
I can still feel your sighs
I can still feel your breath
I can still feel your lips

"Burning Bright" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Burning Bright
is my enemy
indecision keeps catching me

My heart needs to grow
my mind needs to breath
my eyes must clearly show
all the world's race against death

Burning Bright
is my enemy
life unexpectedly
keeps grabbing me

My urges need to implode
my head can't bow down
my brain needs to explode
so ideas can finally be laid down

"Inside This Zoo" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Deeper and deeper,
into the blue
I lose myself,
inside this zoo
of colors, shapes, smells and sensations
colors, shapes, smells and sensations

Swimming through the air
I take in all the sunshine
when I think of you
all that I dream is true

As I dive into the sunshine
It makes me feel so blind
to the worries inside of me
the problem and inadequacies

Breathing in this air
makes me feel so aware
why angels start to dance
all the meaning in a glance

"Spirit Dance" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Electricity in the sky
energy enters
my mind
soaring feelings
rise and peak
the weak

Flowing through me
like a vibe
my spirit starts to dance
cutting through me
like your eyes
my spirit enters a trance

spirit dance,
in trance
spirit dance,
in trance

"One More Kiss" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Your scent fills the air
I can't help but notice
You move through the air
I can't help but notice
You must be deep
you must be sweet
but that don't mean
you are what I need
You're not what I need

before the sun come up
one more kiss
it's a quiet, calm night
one more kiss
before the sunrise
stare into my eyes
it's a quiet, calm night
one more kiss

"Blue Angels" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

Blue Angels
fill up the sky
blue angels
start to dive

Back down,
into the real world
back down,
and into the sea

Blue angels
fill up the sea
blue angels
to eternity

Break down,
into my real world
break down,
into my deep blue sea

"Inside of Me" by Daniel Triana 1996 from the CD TriAna: The Color of Sound

inside of me
I feel happy
inside of me
I see pictures
inside of me
I hear sounds
inside of me
I feel ecstacy

Like feathers falling,
from the sky
your voice, your breath
tickles my ear

Like gentle notes,
through the sky
your name, your sound
fills me with fear

Press Reviews

"The Color of Sound" by Daniel TriAna is an exciting and sometimes strange journey into the world of electronic/ambient/techno sound. The CD contains songs that range from short ambient soundscapes to longer driving house/techno/dance pieces. The music is sometimes aggressive, sometimes soothing, sometimes gothic-flavored, sometimes experimental, but always creative, fresh, and modern. Share the vision of Daniel Triana on "The Color of Sound".

What the press has said about "The Color of Sound": "I definitely liked this CD ... The feel/atmosphere of the music and vocals reminded me of Bauhaus, with a more techno/industrial/ambient flavor ... I could see this as a tasty addition to MTV's AMP show ... beautifully layered ... very very fine instrumentals ... TriAna could be the American equivalent of Orbital or future Sound of London ... the man's lyrics are wonderful ..." - Underground Sound / Camille Juiana

"Very danceable in a Kraftwerk/NIN vein" - Bite Me! / J.

Daniel "TriAna has many different elements to his music ... at times it sounds like synth pop, German Electro, House, Ambient." - Virus / Mike Moran

"Experiments with several different sounds and styles of electronic music, from ambient electronic soundscapes to more aggressive electro ... danceable beats ... while the music retains a semi-dark nature to it ... most bands would reserve this diversity for a side project or another album ... TriAna's music is strong, unique, and subtly addicting." - The Industrial Bible / Dave

"... ambient soundscapes ... coldwave tunnels ... and techno madness ... I really loved this ... a 10 of 10." - Rivets / Jason

"... bright electronics with a hint of gothic, new wave and dance sensibilities ... great upbeat and fun electronics tempered by introspective and romantic lyrics ... The Color of Sound is overflowing with colorful and cool music that shows a lot of potential." - Outburn Magazine / Octavia

"This CD makes one call for the early days when techno was just that -- techno. Every bit of this CD is electronically generated, and that's the beauty of it. Vocals are very nicely recorded and fit in perfectly with the music. Fans of early Depeche Mode and Front 242 type of things will like this. In fact if you are a fan of those aforementioned bands I recommend picking up this CD 'cos it's superior to both. Highly recommended to fans of the genre." - Gajoob Magazine / Gregg Church



Electronic music with dark ambient textures, exploring technology and how it relates to the arts. Daniel Triana has been producing solo music since 1986.

Prior to Daniel's solo experiments, he was the founding member of the gothic/alternative band entitled: Bellas Artes. After several releases, the band slowly dissolved, but the music remains a pleasant memory for Daniel.

TriLab first appeared as a label and studio in 1994, prior to that, some of Daniel's music was released through a german label called: IRRE-Tapes (Kindsbach). Some of his music also appeared in the french series: Tears Compilations. Besides the conventional and purely original 3-7 minute song structure, Daniel has also composed short ambient-like snippets as in "The Color Of Sound" CD (including his more techno-structured full length compositions), as well as more longer pieces like the 15-minute "Angel en una Tormenta [Angel in a storm]" (Tears Compilations: France), along with his longest works to date, the 40-minute live/ambient/experimental piece: TriAna "Live at Trilab". Daniel TriAna's only cover version to date is his rendition of The Sisters of Mercy's Heartland (The Various Artists Tribute CD is available on Cleopatra Records(USA)).

Musica Electronica is out now and is a more swayingly ambient- acapella composition. Daniel Triana has composed soundtrack scores for graduate students at the prestigious SVA (School of the Visual Arts in New York City). These scores include original music as well as sound effects for computer and stop-motion amination pieces. Daniel has also worked on a dance project entitled: NOVAK, a duo act with New York's DJ Jaymz Nylon. Novak tracks have been recorded and will be released soon.