Monday, September 15, 2008

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More Reviews...
IN MUSIC WE TRUST Webzine CD Review TriAna The Color of Sound (Trilab Recordings) By: Alex Steininger TriAna is an industrial/Ambient band composed of Daniel Triana at the core, and supporting help provided by a few studio vocalists.

The CD starts off with "Inside This Zoo." A synthesizer starts us off as it crawls it's way through, and then the drum machine beats into its path. Vocals eventually enter and the drums get faster and furious. Technology can be a beautiful thing, and it can also be a scary thing. In this song technology becomes beautiful in a way, but also in a way to send chills down our spine. It rips through the song with intense panic, while also adding some bright moments to it.

"You Deny Me" starts off with a fairly happy melody, but then the vocals come in and turn everything upside down. It becomes very frightening and dark, but also lends a hand in the way of depression. The synthesizer is used throughout as a major factor in the music. Everything revolves around it, and the drum machine adds an extra touch of power and depth to the track.

"Angel" takes you down a dark alley with broken windows everywhere, and steam rising off the floor after a heavy rain. Garbage lines the streets, and your nerves jump. You feel very uncomfortable and scared. This dark voice comes in, and now you are drawn into the music. Everything plays off the vocals, and draws you in even closer.

"Unknown Pleasures 02" is just a quick forty six second rush of synths that make you think, but also give you the chance to rest for upcoming tracks. Their are four unknown pleasures throughout the album, and the CD closes off with number four. A quick minute and four seconds worth of heart pounding music to close out a very energetic, lively, and dark CD.

Industrial is garnishing its limelight now in the media. And with all the attention it's getting, Daniel Triana, and his project TriAna, should be receiving some attention. This is one of the better industrial/ambient albums I have heard in awhile. And if I think it's good, your going to go crazy over it! I'll give this album a B-. Don't waste another minute, if your into this kind of music, and give this CD a listen. ###

CD Reviews 1995-2002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel TriAna - Musica Electronica With much more than the usual electronic musical meanderings of most future wanna be's Daniel Triana's latest managed to delight all of the staff this Tuesday. "I want more!" says one, "what am I listening to?" says another and "sign here" says the FedEx gal. All in all a fab groove that deserves a much much wider audience than the seven of us, and you pop picking industry types may want to listen out for track number three, Fly if you get it together to grab a copy of this release from the address below. TriLab Recordings Email: Rating - 890,844 (out of a possible 1,000,000)

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